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Special editions

We have always taken great care to ensure our packaging reflects the product inside, clearly indicating its various uses. The graphic design for our daily-use condiments light-hearted and fun, and refined and elegant in the case of our iconic Traditional Balsamic Vinegars.

But the great thing about what we do is the opportunity to try out new ideas. These become our “Special Editions”.

This was how the two editions of our Borgo Satin Condiment – Rose and Dalia – came about.

In 2015, we started producing a smooth velvety Condiment we named Satin for its low acidity and gentle mouth feel.

As we have already mentioned, we are very proud of our rose garden with its 120 varieties including sarmentose climbers, old, and wild roses. That’s why our first special edition pictures an English rose on the bottle.

Designed by Redouté, it symbolizes Satin’s exquisite flavour and harmony.

The bottle of the second special edition is decorated with a beautiful dahlia, the work of Steffi Bauer, a young artist from Munich specializing in floral designs on fabric.

Steffi had come to spend a week at Le Dimore del Borgo looking for inspiration. Cristina realized that her exquisitely elegant style would be perfect for the new Satin collection.

That was how the dahlia – sketched from a flower in the garden – came to continue Satin’s floral theme.

Together with this innovative condiment, you too can take home a souvenir of our beautiful garden.


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