The Borgo Notebook


“First and foremost The Borgo Notebook is simply great fun to produce.
It sums up the mutual respect between us at Il Borgo del Balsamico and our par tners”, says Cristina.
“It’s become an annual publication”, she adds. “Selected chefs who have chosen our products are invited to provide a recipe in
which they use one of our balsamic vinegars. The recipes are collected and published as ‘The Borgo Notebook’ ”.

Creative cooking by enthusiastic chefs

My thanks goto all those who have contributed to this Notebook of recipes confided to me by great chefs who above all are great people in love with their profession.
We intend this limited edition to become a yearly event. All the recipes require the addition of balsamic vinegar, Traditional or Condiment.They illustrate how this magnificent natural product can complement a vast range of dishes.
Our chefs use balsamic vinegar on fish, meat, pasta and sweets. Not only are the original flavours maintained but exquisite, unexpected new notes develop.
We hope that this little volume will be a source of information and pleasure – and an inspiration to try new combinations with balsamic vinegar.