The Red Beetle Traveling Food

The Red Beetle Traveling Food

The Red Beetle is a love story: with Italy, its wonderful people and of course, delicious food. To show you what we do, what better way than to take you with us?

For our first video, we visited a place that two years ago stole our hearts. Il Borgo del Balsamico is where Cristina & Silvia create the most incredible balsamic vinegar you will ever taste. 100 year old barrels, surrounded by history, knowledge and passion.

Our job at the Red Beetle is to spend as much time as possible to fully understand the products, how they’re made, know the producers and learn their secrets. Transparency is one of our founding values, and when you order from us, you know that what you get on your table is authentic, real, Italian food. We will not have it any other way.

(thank you Lenny Pellico Photography for making this video so very special!)

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