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One Borgo, three souls.

Borgo del Balsamico is a unique place that combines three fundamental elements:
The production of balsamic vinegar is an ancient art that has been handed down for generations and is still practiced here today with traditional techniques. The welcome in the Dimore del Borgo is warm and familiar, where it is possible to live the experience of a stay immersed in the history, culture and nature of the Emilian land. Finally, guided tours with tasting offer the opportunity to discover the secrets of balsamic vinegar, taste the products and admire the beauty of the surrounding landscape. In this harmony, you can breathe the passion and love for tradition, history and the territory, which make Borgo del Balsamico an unforgettable place.

Balsamic vinegar

Let yourself be conquered over by our classic IGP Balsamic Vinegars from Modena or Reggio Emilia and experience the unique flavors of our special condiments and our desserts.
Each tasting is a discovery.

Le Dimore del Borgo

Let yourself be enveloped by the charm of a residence of rare beauty, full of history and tradition. Here you can treat yourself to an unforgettable stay immersed in a centuries-old park that will give you moments of natural serenity.

The Tasting

An unparalleled experience for true connoisseurs. We will guide you through our ancient vinegar factory among dozens of precious barrels and you will enjoy tasting Balsamic Vinegar in its purest form.

…we were born into a family full of beauty!

The father cultivated passions of great depth…, art, architecture, good living and traditional balsamic vinegar.

From these passions we have created a company of great importance, founded on the values that he passed on to us, the seriousness, reliability, tradition and innovation of the products.

Our home has always been a crossroads of cultures and creativity, … our Borgo, … a secret place.

Now our home is a destination for curious and passionate travelers who share beauty and the same vision of the world with us.

The Borgo…

A place where we cultivate harmony, kindness, the warmth of hospitality and authentic products.

This is how Borgo del Balsamico was born, … a memorable experience!

Cristina and Silvia

Our vinegars

an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Every drop of this nectar represents an explosion of intense and harmonious flavours, obtained from the careful selection of high quality grapes and the maturation process in fine wooden barrels.

The acidity and sweetness blend in a symphony of balanced and refined taste, perfect for enhancing the flavors of your cuisine. Furthermore, our bottles are a real jewel, packaged with the utmost care and attention to detail to give an experience of taste and elegance at the same time.

Don’t hesitate to give yourself or your loved ones a bottle of our balsamic vinegar, it’s a gift that will continue to amaze and delight every time it is used.

Le Dimore

The charm of a stay in history

Discover the hospitality of the Residences, where every detail has been taken care of with the utmost attention to offer a truly unforgettable stay experience.

The spaces are designed for travelers who are not in a hurry, offering an unparalleled level of comfort and elegance. At Dimore, you can indulge in the luxury of escaping into a world of luxurious elegance, culinary exploration and pure relaxation, making the experience one of a kind, not to be missed.

Visits with tasting

Discover the secret

Il Borgo del Balsamico offers guided tours inside its ancient vinegar factory, where dozens of small barrels have their roots in the centuries-old tradition of balsamic making from Modena and Reggio Emilia.

You will listen to the history and secrets of the production of this prized condiment, discovering the long aging and maturation process that makes it so unique and precious.

During the visit, you will have the opportunity to taste different types of balsamic vinegar, tasting the nuances of taste and aroma that differentiate the various degrees of aging. The sensorial experience is also enriched by the suggestive atmosphere offered by the ancient barrels and by the authentic charm of the vinegar factory, which thus becomes a memorable place not only for balsamic lovers, but for all those who appreciate Italian culinary traditions.

The Borgo in History

Once known as Villa Rossi, the Borgo del Balsamico complex has its roots in the history of our country and played an important role in the events of the Second World War and the partisan struggle.


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