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IFS Certification



We firmly believe that our success lies not so much in our ability to respond to customer demands for Quality, Legality, Authenticity and Food Safety, but rather to anticipate them. This has been possible thanks to the experience we have acquired and continue to develop, delivering further value added to the products we make and present to the market.
With the adoption and application of the Management System for Quality, Legality, Authenticity and Food Safety, in compliance with the International Food Standards requirements (IFS version 7:2020) and BRCGS (Brand Reputation through Compliance of Global Standards: version 8:2018), our Company has laid a solid foundation for the future, ensuring a customer-oriented approach:

  • offering products – in particular, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI and Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Reggio Emilia PDO – that comply with the highest possible Quality, Legality, Authenticity and Food Safety standards while at the same time respecting the centuries-old craft traditions of the balsamic-production sector;
  • increasing consumer trust, with clear, objective and transparent information on our certified brands;
  • anticipating customer requirements in our most demanding markets;
  • guaranteeing full customer protection in the event of non-compliant product by adopting appropriate safeguard procedures for our full product range.

a supplier policy that:

  • selects only reliable partners able to deliver on specific objectives;
  • aims to develop and consolidate effective partnerships with suppliers;
  • is based on complete transparency.

a personnel policy aimed at:

  • guaranteeing compliance with stringent health and safety rules;
  • increasing employee satisfaction;
  • guaranteeing an ethical work environment fully compliant with workers’ rights;
  • increasing employment possibilities;
  • ensuring equal opportunities for professional and personal growth in accordance with our quality objectives;
  • offering adequate sensitive information safeguards while ensuring such information is available, confidential and complete,
  • maintaining a company culture of quality and food safety.

an environment-friendly policy aimed at:

  • optimizing resource usage,
  • decreasing non-quality costs, and
  • increasing overall business efficiency.

Our craft business is committed to striving for continuous improvement and so be ready to meet new market challenges, fully aware, however, that this can only be achieved with the full commitment of all those involved in our supply chain.

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