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Balsamic Vinegar Il Tinello

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Il Tinello

Branching out

Il Tinello is our product range for those new to the Balsamic Vinegar world but eager to experiment with easy-to-use everyday products. This “young” but quality range completes our Borgo offering.

Sleek, colourful and light-hearted, the graphic design on the label and outer box shows clearly how to use each Balsamic in the kitchen.

It provides immediate indications about a product often still considered as reserved for connoisseurs.

Balsamic Vinegar isn’t only exclusive Traditional DPO. Leaving aside mass-produced vinegars, there is a whole intermediate range of good quality balsamics that can add that special touch – and taste – to your daily dishes.

The illustrations on Il Tinello packaging are the work of our artist friend, Maddalena Olivi, who helped us develop a different image for each product.

Made exclusively with natural ingredients, products range from Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI and wine and apple vinegars through to La Saba, and Truffle-flavoured Condiment.

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