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The Balsamic Vinegar Colour Code

The Balsamic Vinegar Colour Code

Our Culinary Colour Guide

At Borgo del Balsamico, what you see is really what you get! Thanks to the Crotti family’s long experience in the fashion business, Borgo del Balsamico‘s original colour-based packaging not only appeals to the eye but also allows customers to distinguish immediately between the different types of Balsamic Vinegars and their uses.

“Bombarded as we all are by so much, often misleading, information, customers today want a clear, honest message that allows them to make an informed choice”.

“Making an informed choice means being able to get hold of clear unbiased information and so develop one’s own critical capacity”, says Cristina Crotti, designer of the Borgo del Balsamico product image.

Yellow, Orange and Red are the colours indicating Borgo del Balsamico Condimenti (dressings) while Aubergine is the colour of the three Traditional Balsamic Vinegars, each with a different coloured logo: Oro (gold); Argento (silver), and Aragosta (orange).

Designed to be perfect containers, the coloured boxes are sturdy but elegant, their double lining protecting the hand-crafted glass bottles. Each bottle is tied and sealed by hand in the traditional way with original binding material, the sealing wax dry-stamped while still warm.

Each item is unique, no one exactly like any other. But each contains all the dedication and care that Il Borgo del Balsamico puts into producing one of the miracles of Italy’s fine food tradition. Production excellence is matched by clear transparent communication explaining the long history behind the exquisite flavours of our wide product range.

“We package our products as if they were fragrances”, Cristina continues, “the containers helping to express each product’s special characteristics. Packaging is like a garment – easy for the end consumer to read. I am convinced that Italy’s fine foods are unrivalled the world over and it’s our duty to convey that message clearly without exaggeration or rhetoric. That’s how we can help Italy’s fine food system assert the excellence of its unique products on the world stage”.

Informative communication is much appreciated by our gourmet customers. We also offer tasting tours, a hands-on learning experience exploring the fascinating world of this “mysterious” product of Italy.


Awards and Acknowledgments

Beautiful Italy

To mark Expo Milano 2015, the Italian daily La Repubblica published a special insert on a selection of Italian brands that best represent Italian production excellence. Among the famous names of small and large companies from the world of design, fashion, food, and cars – iconic brands but also new innovative names – we too were chosen as representing Italian excellence abroad. We’re proud and honoured to receive this acknowledgement and would like to share it with all those who choose our products every day. [pdf […]

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Another surprise awaited us in September 2021: Cook, the food supplement of the Italian daily Corriere della Sera, chose us as among the 20 outstanding women in the food sector that year. It’s fantastic recognition – and confirms we’re on the right track. Thank you all for helping this to happen. [pdf […]

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